Boundary configuration via environment variables - ECS

I want to run my controllers and workers on ECS Fargate or ECS ec2.

Is it required to have a .hcl configuration file for Boundary?
Can I pass the expected parameters via environment variables?


Some parameters can be passed via ENVARS (like dev mode addresses), but production parameters are not available. A config file is required for production mode. I’m not aware of any ECS task/container definition projects out there today (I’m sure you searched around first). Mind linking to any repos you end up publishing? the wider community would surely appreciate it!


Yes, I’ve already searched, and unfortunately, I didn’t find anything.

I wanted to avoid using volumes with a configuration file, downloading a file from some repository, or creating a custom docker image.

I started creating the task definition files for ECS, but I came across the apparent need for the Boundary configuration file. I hoped to use a standard file from the docker image and change what I wanted via environment variables.

If I have progress on this task, I will share the links here.
Thanks for your reply.

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What about dropping a heredoc into the container definition?

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Hi, Is this the mode used ECS Fargate now?

Hi @lucaz. Checking in. Were you able to make any progress on the ECS task definition for Boundary?