Build windows images for proxmox builder

I’m new with packer, I have successfully built a template for centos and proxmox builder.
Now, I would like to do the same for windows server 2019 and proxmox builder.

How I can do this because I don’t have the “floppy_files” option like vmware builder.

When I run my packer command, the VM is created and boots on the windows iso but stop at the first screen.
How I can give the unattended xml file or other files to build the template ?

Thank your for your answers :slight_smile:

You can serve the unattend file via Packer’s built in http server. Here’s a proxmox example (take a look at the boot_command, and you see the example referencing Packer’s http server: inst.ks=http://{{.HTTPIP}}:{{.HTTPPort}}/ks.cfg)

You need to put all files you want to access into a single folder on your build machine, and then provide that folder to Packer via the http_directory option. It looks like this isn’t made clear in the proxmox docs; I’ll make a docs pr to put in the option.

thank you for your reply but it’s not working because windows don’t have a network IP on the boot so I can’t join a network http server.

I have done a test on a vsphere-iso builder at work.
I run the packer build windows.json
the vm is created, then it boots on the iso and few minutes later, the unattend.xml file is loaded because I have added a floppy disk.
And when it’s finished, I have a VM with windows installed and I can do the next steps.

With the proxmox builder, I don’t have floppy disk and the iso windows don’t have a network driver.

I have done some test with the “boot_command” option and the differents values like “esc, enter,wait” etc… but a new problem appears : I can’t add a second iso file with the virtio driver.

I found another solution on this page but it’s not with packer:
I’ll done a test tomorrow.