Building inhouse IT infrastructure thru Terraform

Please suggest how we can proceed and what need to mention in Code.

Hello! Could you elaborate a little bit more on what you’re using for your in-house compute platform? VMWare? Openstack? Something else?

I want to ask local servers and network devices in our data center.

Terraform does not directly manage physical equipment. Instead, Terraform assumes that you have an existing platform for assigning workloads to your physical infrastructure, and it has providers so you can use Terraform to configure that platform.

For example, if you deploy OpenStack in your datacenter then you can use Terraform’s OpenStack provider to create virtual networks and virtual machines via OpenStack.

You’ll first need to select a platform to deploy onto your physical equipment, and deploy that platform. How exactly you’d then configure it with Terraform depends on which platform you select. You can review the list of Terraform providers to see which resource types are available for each platform, to make sure that your chosen platform has enough Terraform support to meet your goals.