Can I create a custom data source that doesnt store certain strings in state but still reads them?

I use aws secrets manager

Doing this works and is simple and easy:
data “aws_secretsmanager_secret_version” “someservice” {
secret_id = “someservice”
provider “someservice” {
creds = data.aws_secretsmanager_secret_version.someservice.secret_string

BUT I need to keep secrets out of my statefile and now my statefile has this:

  "mode": "data",
  "type": "aws_secretsmanager_secret_version",
  "name": "someservice",
  "provider": "",
  "instances": [
      "schema_version": 0,
      "attributes": {
        "arn": "arn:aws:secretsmanager:us-west-1:11111111:secret:someservice-9fZ5VX",
        "id": "someservice|AWSCURRENT",
        "secret_binary": "",
        "secret_id": "someservice",
        "secret_string": "=======MYSECRETSTRING====",
        "version_id": "123123se23-d812-12e2-a944-12e2qr313r",
        "version_stage": "AWSCURRENT",
        "version_stages": [

Is it possible to write a custom datasource that wont store the secret_string in state and instead retrieves it from aws secrets manager every time its run?