Can I update and change the settings so that there is no downtime?

I configured the boundary as High Availability, but when systemd is restarted, all connected sessions are down. What should I do to prevent this?


How many workers and controllers do you have, and what does their deployment look like (what’s behind a load balancer, etc.)?

Hi @omkensey
There are 3 workers, 3 controllers, and a load balancer. It has the same configuration as the page below.

deployment used Ansible. After changing the setting and restarting systemd, the user connected to the worker is disconnected.

error message

error fetching connection to send session teardown request to worker: Unable to connect to worker at


Some Boundary worker config changes can be updated by sending the worker a HUP signal – if you’re using systemd to run the worker as a unit, you can try a systemctl reload instead of restart (you might need to set ExecReload in the unit file).

But if you can’t achieve those updates with a reload, a systemctl restart will definitely break any existing connections going through that worker. I don’t know of any way around that.

I searched the boundary document, but couldn’t find a way to update and change settings without stopping the worker.
This is a very serious problem if users lose their connection every time they change settings or update a version.