Can i use static ip address in vsphere-iso ubuntu 20 template?


Until ubuntu 18, i used presseed config file to build my template.
And all worked well.

I try to use the new way: live-installer (instead of debian-installer).

But, if i don’t have dhcp, can i use a static ip for build my template ?

I need to say, that i don’t understand very well how this can be work.
i mean, on my local computer, i run the “packer build” command which run a local web server on which my template will connect on to get build info (disk, users ).
But, in the boot sequence, i see that the new template try to reach the local web server, but, at this point in time, my template juste booting, so it doesn’t have ip address yet. How hell can this stuff works !!!
need help to understand the process !!!

Hi, there’s a pretty good thread over at where people worked through figuring out how to get the new autoinstall working.

I don’t think that this has something in common with the autoinstaller, but the way Packer reaches the local http server for getting the kickstart/ preseed/ autoinstall file without having an ip at this state. :wink:

thank you for the link, it helps a lot.