Can not delete secret from secrets/kv or get history as an admin neither

Vault version: 1.12.2
Client version : 1.15.5

I have the following admin policy in our Vault

path “*” { capabilities = [“create”, “read”, “update”, “patch”, “delete”, “list”] }
path “+/*” { capabilities = [“create”, “read”, “update”, “patch”, “delete”, “list”] }

But its seems like not a real “Admin” policy since Im not able to do the following things

  1. Get the secret’s history.Get the following error message

You don’t have access to / . If you think you’ve reached this page in error

  1. My other problem is the deletion. I can delete a secret from a folder but I can not delete a secret from the root of the secrets engine and I also can not delete a folder.

What should I add to my admin Policy?

Screenshot from 2024-02-26 11-49-44
This is the error message if I want to delete a folder or secret form the root path

To address your issues, update your admin policy to explicitly include permissions for accessing secret versions and deleting secrets or folders. For version history, ensure your policy allows access to both data and metadata paths within the KV secrets engine. For deletion, particularly at the root or for entire folders, make sure your policy covers the root paths correctly and includes permissions for destroy if needed to permanently remove secrets.

ok but “*” not covers all possible paths if everything is a path in Vault?
I tried to add the “destroy” to the policy but I received an

invalid capability “destroy”

Message :frowning: