Can not see details for error reported by provider HTTP?

I’m using the HTTP provider to get data from an API. On a particular endpoint, I get this error (names redacted):

{"@level":"error","@message":"Error: Error making request","@module":"terraform.ui","@timestamp":"2023-10-03T11:23:40.788211Z","diagnostic":{"severity":"error","summary":"Error making request","detail":"Error making request: GET https://***.com/v1/**** giving up after 1 attempt(s)","address":"module.***.data.http.****[\"***\"]","range":{"filename":"../modules/***/","start":{"line":114,"column":36,"byte":5199},"end":{"line":114,"column":37,"byte":5200}},"snippet":{"context":"data \"http\" \"***\"","code":"data \"http\" \"****\" {","start_line":114,"highlight_start_offset":35,"highlight_end_offset":36,"values":[]}},"type":"diagnostic"}

It’s not a timeout (I think) since the logs clearly says if it is. I have turned on TRACE but I can’t find more details that way. How can I find out what exactly happened here? Did the server close the connection? How could I find out?

I have also tried with lots of retries and large values for max_delay_ms