Can the Go Nomad API package/module be used?


Is the Nomad API Go package (api package - - Go Packages) ok to use in code?

Ive been running into issues with the client.Allocations().Exec() (api package - - Go Packages) which fails when performing calls between nodes without much info in logs to figure out whats going on…

The package does not have a version number that matches the nomad release so im not sure if its meant to be used by other projects or not :slight_smile:


Hi @CarbonCollins,

Yes, the API package is our officially supported Go SDK and is used by the Nomad CLI as well as external tools such as the Nomad Autoscaler.

We have long wanted to properly version it, but have been unable to find a solution we are entirely happy with.

jrasell and the Nomad team