Can we add any parameters details n the packer file to allow VM which is set to public IP none

Here is the error when running packer build:

While running packer build, we are ending up following error ,“policyExemptionIds”:},“type”:“PolicyViolation”}],“code”:“RequestDisallowedByPolicy”,“message”:"Resource ‘pkrnihhqzm20za7’ was disallowed by policy. Reasons: ‘this is not a permissions error. you are trying to create a VM with an public IP this is denied by policy, if it is something you need please reach out to techops’. See error details for policy resource ‘pkrvmhhqzm20za7’ was disallowed by policy. Policy identifiers: but we want to proceed further and make VM to be created even public IP set to none how it is possible?

How we can fix above error?