Can we assign a static IP(provided by my org) to nomad service so i can access it outside of nomad?

I have a logstash service in nomad with 3 instances of task running.
Can i assign a static IP to this service so i can access it outside of nomad?
Is this a security concern?

Hi @kaushik.raina. The most popular method to expose services running on Nomad to external users is by running a load balancer within Nomad, and then use a load balancer such as Amazon ELB to proxy traffic to this internal LB. The provider load balancer can be assigned a DNS name to provide easy, consistent lookups. The internal load balancer running on Nomad provides internal service routing.

Whether there are any security concerns depends on the setup you decide to implement, along with how Logstash is configured.

jrasell and the Nomad team