Can we change the rate at which terraform creates resources?

I am using the aws_ebs_snapshot. and aws_ebs_snapshot_copy resources to create snapshots from volumes in AWS.

Unless you get it changed, the amount of concurrent copy-snapshot operations AWS lets you do by default is 20 - but as with many AWS limits, you can get this raised through a support ticket.

I’ve had my account limit raised to 100, but terraform is still only doing 10 at any one time. As an example, if my terraform defines 30 snapshots, it will start create 10 aws_ebs_snapshot resources, and will only start on creating the 11th resource when one of the first 10 has completed.

What I want to do is have terraform create all 30 at the same time, since my account supports this.

Is there a way to override the rate limit that terraform seems to be enforcing? I’m using terraform v0.12.25 and aws provider 2.64.

You probably want to use the -parallelism flag here. The default number of concurrent operations is 10.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to solve that problem, and it worked perfectly.