Can we leverage vault csi to inject secrets in k8 configmaps?

Hi All,
I am new bie to vault and I am using vault csi for managing secrets for K8 which is running in the same cluster.
I have a microservice for airflow, which uses some git secrets in a configmap and i am using helm to deploy the application. As, of now the secrets are present in the values.yaml file.
I would like to replace the configMap values with the secrets which will be fetched from vault.
I am not sure how to achieve this… any leads??

Pls note, i am running the application on standalone cluster.

Below is the code -
ConfigMap code-
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: {{ include “” . }}
namespace: {{ .Values.namespace }}
airflow.cfg: |
sql_alchemy_conn = {{ .Values.secret.postgresql.sqlAlchemyConn }}

Values file-
sqlAlchemyConn: “”