Can we run Nomad Batch parameterized jobs in FIFO manner?


I am using Nomad to schedule jobs lasting from few seconds to few minutes.

I’ve noticed when I fill up the job queue Nomad seems not to dispatch the Jobs in order.

Is this possibile?

Hi @markotitel,

Nomad processes evaluations using FIFO in combination with the priority. Do you have any logs or dashboards which show the incorrect behaviour you are seeing?

jrasell and the Nomad team

Hi and thanks for taking time to reply.

At the moment I don’t have any dashboard except default Nomad UI.
But let me confirm what you’re saying.
Lets say I submit 100 jobs.
Nomad worker node will process 10 jobs at the same time.
Shall next 10 jobs be started “in order” they are submitted to Nomad?

And to answer your question I will run some more jobs to see if they will come in order.

I’ve asked this because of my lack of knowledge but to me jobs looked like starting “randomly” instead in order so to speak.