Cannot create volumes netapp with protocol smb

I can’t create volumes azure netapp file with protocol smb.

I have this error:

protocolTypes = [“CIFS”]**
An argument named “protocolTypes” is not expected here.**

Thank you

Which provider version are you using?
Could you provide all of your resource definition?

Isn’t it protocols?


I use Terraform 0.12.4

resource “azurerm_netapp_volume” “example” {

lifecycle {

prevent_destroy = true


name = “cifs-share”

location = var.location

resource_group_name = var.rg_name

account_name =

pool_name =

volume_path = “anfsmb”

service_level = “Premium”

subnet_id =

protocols = [“CIFS”]

storage_quota_in_gb = 100


I have problem with protocols

Thank you

What’s the output of terraform providers? Which provider version is installed?