Cannot delete node from external service in consul

I am working to register external services with consul and have registered several external nodes. I am now working to clean up the consul environment but not able to remove the external nodes. I have tried ‘consul force-leave ’ for the node as well as ‘consul catalog deregister id ’ for the service with no luck.

The error I get in trying to remove the node is:

consul force-leave mpnode
Error force leaving: Unexpected response code: 500 (agent: No node found with name 'mpnode')

Any thoughts on how to remove the extra nodes?

Output from consul members showing 1 server & 2 clients:

Node     Address          Status  Type    Build   Protocol  DC   Partition  Segment
node1  <snip>.21:8301  alive   server  1.14.4  2         dc1  default    <all>
g1    <snip>.40:8301  alive   client  1.14.4  2         dc1  default    <default>
g2    <snip>.41:8301  alive   client  1.14.3  2         dc1  default    <default>

Output from consul catalog nodes showing 2 nodes (mpnode and mpnode1) that I’d like to remove.

Node     ID        Address     DC
node1 06013170  <snip>.21  dc1
g1    0d367c1e  <snip>.40  dc1
g2    9a02557f  <snip>.41  dc1
mpnode             <snip>.21  dc1
mpnode1            <snip>.21  dc1

Hi @rajesh1,

You should be using the catalog deregister API endpoint to deregister nodes from the catalog.

I hope this helps.