Cannot dowload artifact from local git repo


For testing purposes, I started a Nomad agent both as a client and a server. I also have a local git daemon running which allows me to clone local repositories with:

git clone git://localhost/repo

However, I cannot pull this local repository as task artifact from Nomad:

artifact {
    source = "git://localhost/repo.git"
    destination = "local/"

Recent events:

failed to download artifact "git://localhost/repo.git": error downloading 'git://localhost/repo.git': C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\git.exe exited with 128: fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Other variations I tried:



Hey @BerkayOzturk,

Can you please try this in your artifact stanza? Note that the break between the URI localhost and the example repo should have a colon : in it. Here’s an example below from here

artifact {
  source      = ""
  destination = "local/repo"
  options {
    sshkey = "<string>"
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