Cannot fetch logs

Could anyone give me a steer to the reason why I can’t seem to see the task logs in the UI
but I can pull them from cli (all be it from a different machine) using nomad alloc logs

Could it be a firewall issue or something else?

I’ll get the binary setup on my workstation and see if that still has the same issue, I had run the logs command from the nomad server

Thanks in advance


Just to confirm, from my machine (windows) I can run the same nomad cli command and it pulls back the logs but still within the UI I get that error. So I’m guessing it can’t be a firewall port. I’ve tried both firefox and chrome

Hi @username-is-already, does the server logs include any potential error message that could help identify the issue?

It could potentially be a firewall issue as the server where the UI is running will need to make an RPC request to the client running the allocation. This route is different from the CLI which performs server calls to get certain information regarding the allocation, but then creates a connection directly to the client node in order to stream the logs.

jrasell and the Nomad team