Cannot find how to set a custom OU while issuing a certificate with Vault PKI

I’m following the Vault PKI documentation here:

In the WebUI I create a role (role-client) and set the:
Additional Subject Fields -> Organization Units (OU)
with shell-style globbing, like this:

Then I try to issue a certificate with a custom OU, like for instance:

I thought I’d be able to change the office number when I issue the certificate. The point is I cannot find any API or endpoint where to put the custom OU. I tried this:

  "common_name": "firstname.lastname",
  "ou": "Company/Department/Office01",

curl \
    --header "X-Vault-Token: ${VAULT_TOKEN}" \
    --request POST \
    --data @payload.json \

but I get a warning:
"warnings":["Endpoint ignored these unrecognized parameters: [ou]"]

Is there any way to define somewhere a custom specified OU when issuing a certificate?

I found that if I put the exact custom OU without globbing in the role, the certificate is issued with that correct OU in the subject. So, AS A PARTIAL SOLUTION, I have now a command PATCHING the role just before issuing the certificate. Something like this:
vault patch /v1/pki/v1/roles/role-client ou=Company/Department/Office01

Then I issue the certificate using the patched role and the custom OU goes into the subject, so that’s ok, but I’d like better a solution with the shell-style globbing. Any idea if this is possible? Thanks!