Cannot Get Tiny Cluster Working


Need some help with a nomad error.


I’m trying to get a 2 node cluster working (the reason it is 2 node is because of the use case requirements).

I am simulating the 2 node environment using Vagrant. The 2 nodes are “n1” and “n2”. They are running ubuntu.

There are 2 ethernet interfaces on each node, eth0 and eth1. Both boxes default to the same ip address on eth0 ( But eth1 is on n1 and on n2. So, I’m using eth1 for all communications.

Consul Setup

First, I bring up consul on n1: sudo consul agent -server -data-dir="/tmp/consul" -bind="" -bootstrap-expect=2

Then, I bring up consul on n2: sudo consul agent -server -data-dir="/tmp/consul" -bind="" -join="" -bootstrap-expect=2

Consul appears to come up correctly.

Nomad Setup

I start nomad like this on n1: sudo nomad agent -server -data-dir=/tmp/nomad -bind= -bootstrap-expect=2

Then I start nomad on n2: nomad agent -client -data-dir="/tmp/nomad" -servers=""


The n1 nomad output:

    2021-04-11T19:22:18.338Z [ERROR] worker: failed to dequeue evaluation: error="No cluster leader"
    2021-04-11T19:22:27.935Z [ERROR] http: request failed: method=GET path=/v1/agent/health?type=server error="{"server":{"ok":false,"message":"No cluster leader"}}" code=500

Any ideas what the problem is or (probably) what I’m doing wrong?


while bootstrapping your server your declare “-bootstrap-expect=2” which means the server should expect to see at least 1 other server before an election can be held. Since node 2 is only a client the quorum is never reached an the leader election never happens.

So to fix you either need to make node n2 a server too, of reduce the bootstrap expectations