Cannot list despite list permission in policy


I was wondering why I cannot use list to see the items under secret/myorg.
I’m using version 2 of the kv secret engine on the path secret/.

This is what the policy looks like:

root@vault-0:~# vault policy read myorg-standard
# glob - prefix match
path "secret/data/myorg/*" {
	capabilities = [ "read", "create", "list" ]

path "secret/data/myorg/admin-secret" {
	capabilities = [ "deny" ]

I can confirm that this is the policy I’m using, as vault lookup token displays it:

path                auth/upass/login/orgops
policies            [default myorg-standard]

So when I try either:

vault kv list secret/myorg

I get permission denied:

Error listing secret/metadata/myorg: Error making API request.

Code: 403. Errors:

* 1 error occurred:
	* permission denied

Now it’s just occurred to me that maybe with those permissions I’m able to list only what is under any folder under myorg, so I cannot list the folders themselves.
But neither this

path "secret/data/myorg/" {
	capabilities = [ "list" ]

nor this

path "secret/data/" {
	capabilities = [ "list" ]

has worked.

Any ideas are welcome!

Please consult the API docs for the KVv2 secrets engine. You’ll find that the list operation is not implemented via the /data/ path, but via /metadata/

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(For the others out there) I’ve changed the policy to:

path "secret/data/myorg/*" {
        capabilities = [ "read", "create" ]

path "secret/metadata/myorg/*" {
        capabilities = [ "list" ]

path "secret/data/myorg/admin-secret" {
        capabilities = [ "deny" ]

I’ve logged in again with the user and now list works:

root@vault-1:~# vault login -method=userpass -path=upass username=orgops password=crap
root@vault-1:~# vault kv list secret/myorg