Cannot run Terraform provider tests: unexpected Content-Type: "application/vnd+hashicorp.releases-api.v0+json"

Getting the above error when running tests in our github action. There is no issue when running locally.
This appears to have started after the Releases API was announced.
The repo is: GitHub - MyPureCloud/terraform-provider-genesyscloud: Terraform Provider for Genesys Cloud resources

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Same is happening for me (on a different project). This was working yesterday.

Am using: v2.10.0


This error was fixed in version 2.16.0 of the SDK. You can upgrade to that version by running a command like this in your provider module:

go get

Although I would recommend updating to the latest release (there should not be any breaking changes in the newer minor releases), the change in question was actually in a dependency and so if you want a more surgical fix you should be able to get a similar effect by directly updating that indirect dependency in your module:

go get

Since your provider probably doesn’t directly depend on hc-install, you may not already have an entry for this in go.mod, but after running the above you should see a dependency there annotated with // indirect to show that it’s only an indirect dependency.


We’re also seeing a similar error with the hashicorp/action-setup-waypoint@main package. The exact error is:

Error: Failed to fetch version metadata file Error: unsupported media type requested, only [application/vnd+hashicorp.releases-api.v0+json application/vnd+hashicorp.releases-api.v1+json] are available.

Any tips on how to proceed in this case?

Hi @dwanek :wave: I would recommend following unsupported media type requested · Issue #284 · hashicorp/action-setup-waypoint · GitHub or seeing if there are any relevant discussions in the Waypoint section: Waypoint - HashiCorp Discuss