Can't login in Web UI


I deployed Vault server on a local server. I can unseal, login, get secrets through CLI. I can send HTTP requests with Postman to get secrets. I can access secrets through Gitlab Vault runner using JWT token.

What I can’t is to log in Web UI using root token. I also can’t unseal using Web UI.
Here is an example of error when I’m trying to log in:

Vault version: 1.11.2. What other information is needed? Would someone help me? I can’t find any information. :frowning:

Hi there - I know this post was a while ago so hopefully you were able to get past the issue, but I’m posting here anyway because we just fought with this issue for a while today before realizing the cause. The hint for us was that it’s a network request failure. We have an HA vault cluster behind a network load balancer and although the UI came up fine, the vault leader node was actually unhealthy and failing to respond on port 8200. Resolving some firewall issues on the leader node sorted things out.