Can't use `vlt run` in Node scripts that take their own arguments

I have a script in my Node.js project to run code from Javascript files, something like yarn run:script that I can run with each script’s specific arguments as in yarn run:script suspendUser --time 7 --unit days. It just runs a Node process for the file called suspendUser, where I specified these custom arguments and what they do.
I would like to be able to run these scripts with all my environment variables from Vault Secrets, but if I try to make the script start with something like vlt run --command ..., I cannot pass any of my custom arguments to the script.
I wonder if there’s a way this can be done or if the CLI command could somehow change to allow it - hopefully I was able to explain the issue well enough!

I’m a developer on the cli here, thank you for reaching out and providing some feedback. I do have a couple of questions for you and hopefully we can find a good answer for your use case.

When you invoke the run command is it written with the command in quotes? i.e. vlt run --command="yarn run:script suspendUser --time 7 --unit days" If there still seems to be an issue with that invocation do you think you could provide more context, with the issue you’re seeing such as error message, and directory location of script relative to the command invocation directory?

Hi, thanks for responding!
Yes, that works, but I wanted to use Vault Secrets but continue to write my CLI commands like yarn run:script suspendUser --time 7 --unit days with the VLT logic abstracted to the command itself.
So run:script would be something like vlt login && vlt run --command node and be able to take the arguments and file name I passed to it.
I understand this might not be a super important “fix”/improvement though since it’s not really a bug - it’s just a preferred use case that might be common or not, I’m not sure if it is.