Cdktf diff [devops-cdktf]: errored, with no further helpful messages

I updated from 0.14.3 to 0.15.5 CDKTF, have microsoft/azuredevops, azurerm and azuread providers.

synth works fine, but diff or plan fails with

Error: External Error: Stack failed to plan: devops-cdktf. Please check the logs for more information.

If I check the logs, I’m not getting any helpful information:

[2023-02-17T22:08:25.575] [DEBUG] default - [devops-cdktf]: errored

and that’s it.

Here is the link to the gist of full log. Is this a bug on CDKTF end, or is there a way for me to figure out what’s going on?

Hi @Mithgroth :wave:

Thank you for sharing – that looks like a bug on our end. Could you file an issue for that if that is still a problem?