Certification question: Associate and static secret use cases

Hi all,

New to these forums – and Hashicorp tools! – so apologies if this is misplaced/in violation.

I’m prepping for my Associate exam this week, and, if I’m reading the review guide correctly, one of the topics is asking for use cases for both dynamic and static secrets. There are plenty of the former, obviously, but I’m struggling with the latter; everything I come up with would best be served by some sort of dynamic secrets – in the background at least via Consul templates or some such – if not outright.

The line in question is: Contrast dynamic secrets vs. static secrets and their use cases

But should I be reading that as: Contrast dynamic secrets (vs. static secrets) and their use cases

That is, how are dynamic secrets different, and what are the use cases for dynamic secrets?



I think we are not allowed to talk about the exam in detail, but you should just think about the advantages, and maybe disadvantages, of both, dynamic and static secrets, and possible use cases.

Don’t think too complicated. :wink:

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