Chaining multiple SPF records in DNS

I am experiencing errors with a third-party not being able to detect their SPF record while I am chaining multiple SPF records together. I am using GCP as my DNS service.

resource "google_dns_record_set" "jp_apex_txt" {
  managed_zone = google_dns_managed_zone.zones["APEX_DOMAIN"].name
  name         = var.gcp_zones["APEX_DOMAIN"].dns
  type         = "TXT"
  ttl          = 60
  rrdatas = [
    "\"v=spf1 ~all",

The result of a dig command breaks up the multiple SPF records (Google, Domain1 and Domain2) so that they are no longer chained together with double quotes surrounding the entire string. This appears to be causing a failure in recognising the SPF record on DOMAIN1’s end.

How would I configure this so that DOMAIN1 would be able to recognise the SPF record?