Changing count in terraform.tfvars does not change terraform plan

Hi, I have a terraform.tvfars that have these values to it:

control-count = “3”

worker-count = “3”

The count is the number of servers to build.

This is the excerpt block of

resource "vsphere_virtual_machine" "control" {

    count = var.control-count

    name = "${var.vm-prefix}-controller-${count.index + 1}"


resource "vsphere_virtual_machine" "worker" {
    count = var.worker-count

I have a file that provisions to Vmware Vcentre . I manage to build VMs from it successfully.

However, lets say I want to change the control-count from 3-5 I would expect that when I run terraform plan that it would pick up that I need 2 new VMs to provision. I am using 1.02 of terraform.

Am I doing the right thing? or have the right expectation? Many thanks.