Chroot_env per task/job

is there any way or are there any plans to provide the chroot_env client setting as a subset on the task or job level?

While some exec tasks have more dependencies than others it might be a good solution to save some startup time on the tasks that have less requirements.

So it would be great if one could specify an allowed_chroot_env + default_chroot_env on the client and specify the chroot_env required for the actual task on the task level. This way only the required bits are copied.


Hi @schlumpfit I see what you’re getting at, but I think in practice the combination of a minimal chroot set in Client config + setting volume mounts in the task for other required paths is a workable solution. Can you think of a use case where that wouldn’t be functionally comparable to fine-tuning the chroot?

Hi @seth.hoenig ,

thanks for the reply. I have not thought of making use of host_volumes in combination with the chroot_env. If this combination can bring things together as expected, I think it could be a feasible solution as well.

I will give it a try and give some feedback weather it worked or not :slight_smile: