Citizen - a private terraform registry

I just released a new version for Citizen which is my side project for a private terraform registry. I released it to support terraform v0.11 2 years ago. But I didn’t put my effort for the project.

Today, I release v0.4.0 with supporting terraform v0.12+ and providers.
If you are interested in my project, you can see it in Release 0.4.0 release · outsideris/citizen · GitHub

(If this kind of post not allowed here, please let me know)


Interesting bit, thanks for sharing.

Real candid question: I thought anyone would just use Terraform Cloud for that (Terraform Registry - Private Registry - Terraform by HashiCorp), what is the interest of a third party project here? Having a registry in a network not connected to internet (say a air gapped admin network)?

I think many people are using S3 as terrafrom backend. In that case, usually, they will use git as a module source because there is no module registry.
And sometimes users want to use private providers or modules for any reason. So, the private registry can be one of choices for that.

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