Clarification to hour format in datadog_synthetics_test

Hi Community, I am working creating some synthetic test in DataDog with terraform, I am adding the scheduling section in where I will specify the days and hours in which this test should run however I am about bit confuse about the format for properties from & to the documentation says this:
Does anyone the format of those values? Initially I was thinking that could be for example “7:00 am” but also can be “0” to “24” in 24 hours format

I really appreciate any kind of help here

Hi @jonathannevarezm,

Even reviewing the official [Datadog API]( Synthetics ( there is no further explanation. However, further down there is an example which shows this:

    "scheduling": {
      "timeframes": [
          "day": 1,
          "from": "07:00",
          "to": "16:00"
      "timezone": "America/New_York"

Based upon that it looks like the format is hh:mm and I believe mm should always be 00
This is the ISO8601 format for time where the context is unambiguous. And will therefore be 00:00 - 23:00

Hope that helps

Happy Terraforming

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