CLI warning on unrecognized parameters

Issuing a vault token create -policy=xyz command on one of our Vault instances suddenly (?) yields a warning:

WARNING! The following warnings were returned from Vault:

  * Endpoint ignored these unrecognized parameters: [display_name entity_alias
  explicit_max_ttl num_uses period policies renewable ttl type]

Could anyone explain this message, its cause and potential implications and how to avoid it?

We are running Vault in a k8s Cluster with a Consul backend and recently upgraded to Version 1.11.2. I am actually quite sure never to have seen this message before…

Support for warning about unrecognised parameters was recently added to Vault.

However it appears to have been done incorrectly, and generates spurious warnings about actually valid parameters with some APIs.

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Ah ok - thank you for clarification. :slight_smile: