Client is ready and job is dead

When I lose connection with my nomad sever,
the client is become to status: down and the job become: dead.
after the connection is back and working the client become: ready but the job is still dead.
Who is responsible to make the job back to life? restart? reschedule?
Only after I press the start button on the UI the job start work again.
I try to config it to be automatically, I mean that when the connection is up, the job need to be restart and working.

my job is consist of some task groups.
My scheduler is per task group and defined to be unlimited
What is the meaning of scheduler and restart in that scenario.
Thank you!

the restart stanza would affect how soon, and how many times the job would be restarted.

I typically use this restart block for the services I want to be “always attempt to restart”

    restart {
      mode     = "delay"
      interval = "30m"
      attempts = 30
      delay    = "1m"