Client Token Issues via Powershell

I brought this issue up in a previous post of mine, but whenever i generate a token via powershell (like logging in through API calls) that token does not work. However when i just pull a token from the UI it will work with all privileges included, the account I’m using for testing is an admin account but I can’t pull a secret in powershell with it.

Any help would be appreciated!

You will have to show, in detail, exactly what PowerShell commands you are running, and the result, if the community is to be able to offer help.

Ultimately, Vault is just providing an HTTP API - if one client works and another does not, the issue must be on the client side.

I think its an issue within the token policies itself, whenever i use the token generated from the ldap login; im not able to view any of the secrets engines we have setup. Whenever i try to edit policies associated with it, it just gets stuck on default.