Cloudwatch Metric Alarm notifications do not specify current metric value

I am creating a Cloudwatch metric alarm for CPU utilization metric with a threshold of 80% and with comparison operator “GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold” as below:-

resource "aws_cloudwatch_metric_alarm" "ec2-high-cpu-alarm" {
  count                = length(local.monitor_instance_tags)
  alarm_name           = "ec2-high-cpu-alarm-for-${local.monitor_instance_tags[count.index]}"
  comparison_operator  = "GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold"
  evaluation_periods   = "1"
  metric_name          = "CPUUtilization"
  namespace            = "AWS/EC2"
  period               = var.alarm_monitor_period
  statistic            = "Average"
  threshold            = "80"
  alarm_description    = "This metric monitors ec2 cpu utilization exceeding 80%"
  dimensions           = { 
    InstanceId = local.monitor_instance_ids[count.index]

  alarm_actions       = local.alarm_notify_actions
  ok_actions          = local.alarm_notify_actions
  insufficient_data_actions = []
  actions_enabled           = true

So with this alarm, I get “ALARM” state notifications as the threshold is exceeded. But notification messages do not expose the “current/present” metric value.
My requirement is to receive a “WARNING” notification when the threshold is between 80% to 90%. After crossing the 90% threshold, I need to receive a critical “ALARM” notification. Ideally, it would have been better if Cloudwatch alarms had an additional ALARM state as WARNING; but currently, there are only 3 states possible: OK, INSUFFICIENT_DATA, ALARM.

Case 1:
Question: How to check the current threshold value in the ALARM state?
In that case, I would customize the alarm notification message (alarm_name or description) to add a “WARNING”/“CRITICAL ALARM” label.

Case 2:
Question: Else, is it possible to get the notification message along with the current metric value?
So the receiver will understand the severity of the issue.
NOTE: I want to avoid adding multiple alarms for the same metric with just different threshold values and required notification messages.

Please suggest ways to handle this requirement.

Please can anyone help me with this issue?