Comparing plan outputs when upgrading Terraform


I’m attempting to update terraform from v0.13 → v0.14 and my goal was planning with both versions and ensuring the output didn’t suggest any extra changes when doing so.

However it seems that there are more changes mentioned in the v0.14 plan, the extra changes were also all marked as sensitive values, which means I’m unable to compared the updates accurately in order to see what’s changed.

I’m not sure why these changes might be, there was a change to how senstivie values show in the ouput but I don’t know if that would should as a change.

My method for comparing the values hidden in the output was to download the Sentinel Mocks for each plan and compare the values in those. The values for the changed sensitive resources seem to be the same value which is good, however I’m not sure (and my main question is) if comparing the Sentinel Mocks for each run is a valid method of comparing the changes which would be made?

Thank you!