Computed Object produces error when creating resource (custom provider using framework)

Programming a custom provider with the Framework, I am having a problem with a Computed: true object. The definition in the schema is this:

“limits”: {
Computed: true,
Type: types.ObjectType{
AttrTypes: map[string]attr.Type{
“a”: types.StringType,
“b”: types.StringType,
“c”: types.StringType,
“d”: types.StringType,

The tf file does not include that parameter, obviously. And when I execute the plan, everything is ok. But when I apply it , I receive this error, that occurs when getting the plan (diags := req.Plan.Get(ctx, &plan)):

" An unexpected error was encountered trying to build a value. This is always an error in the provider. Please report the following to the provider developer:
*│ *
│ unhandled unknown value"

I do not understand why I am getting this error. The object is Computed, so it is supposed to be unknown until the apply takes place.

Thanks in advance.

Just for the record. There are more attributes included that have Computed: true. But it is only the Object attribute that causes problems.
For now, I am going to avoid the req.Plan.Get(ctx, &plan) and will get the attributes with req.Plan.GetAttribute. Except if I receive an answer here that makes some light :slight_smile:

Ok. I found this warning:

Warning: It can be tempting to use Go types instead of attr.Value implementations when the provider doesn’t care about the distinction between an empty value, unknown, and null. But if Terraform has a null or unknown value and the provider asks the framework to store it in a type that can’t hold it, Get will return an error. Make sure the types you are using can hold the values they might contain! An opt-in conversion of null or unknown values to the empty value is coming in the future.

Until that opt-in conversion of null or, specially, unknow values to the empty value, we will have to get every value separately.

Thanks anyway. Hope this helps someone.