Configuring helm provider to work for multiple GKE clusters

I would like to deploy a helm chart to multiple projects. I have already created a GKE cluster in each project using:

locals {
  local.project_ids = [
   # list of projects in which I want to create a kube cluster
   # See
   # for how this was done

resource "google_service_account" "gke" {
  for_each = local.project_ids
  project  = each.key
  account_id   = "kube-sa"
  display_name = "gke sa"

resource "google_container_cluster" "primary" {
  for_each = local.project_ids
  project  = each.key
  name     = "my-gke-cluster"
  location = var.region
  network =[each.key].self_link
  subnetwork = google_compute_subnetwork.europe_west2[each.key].self_link

  # We can't create a cluster with no node pool defined, but we want to only use
  # separately managed node pools. So we create the smallest possible default
  # node pool and immediately delete it.
  remove_default_node_pool = true
  initial_node_count       = 1

resource "google_container_node_pool" "primary_preemptible_nodes" {
    for_each = local.project_ids
    project  = each.key
  name       = "my-node-pool"
  location   = var.region
  cluster    = google_container_cluster.primary[each.key].name
  node_count = 1

  node_config {
    preemptible  = true
    machine_type = "e2-medium"

    # Google recommends custom service accounts that have cloud-platform scope and permissions granted via IAM Roles.
    service_account = google_service_account.gke[each.key].email
    oauth_scopes    = [

I’m aware there is a helm provider ( and from this useful blog post: How to Deploy ElasticSearch on GKE using Terraform and Helm - Binx I’ve gleaned that it can be configured like so:

provider "helm" {
  kubernetes {
    token                  = data.google_client_config.client.access_token
    host                   = data.google_container_cluster.gke.endpoint
    cluster_ca_certificate = base64decode(data.google_container_cluster.gke.master_auth[0].cluster_ca_certificate)

The trouble I have though is that the helm provider configuration requires specification of a cluster but I have multiple clusters, one in each project.

Is there a way to configure multiple instances of the helm provider, one for each of my GKE clusters?