Connect to MSSQL server using AlwaysOn Availability groups (AG) using vault

We have Vault configuration setup to create logins on MSSQL server. The MSSQL server uses Always on Availability groups(AG). The connection is made to the Listener name which sits on top of the windows cluster.
Normally we use the option ‘multisubnetfailover = True’ in the connection string to avoid connectivity issues. This options guarantees that the listener pings both servers and gets the successful connection back. Absence of this option results in intermittent connection issues.
Currently we are experiencing connection issues with vault attempting to connect to MSSQL server. We tried appending to the connection_url property
“connection_url”: “sqlserver://{{username}}:{{password}}@localhost:1433”,
But Vault does not honor any other option other than host, port, login, password and throws an error.
Did anyone have this issue before?

Have you tries this connection string?
server=database-server-dns;port=1433;user id={{username}};password={{password}};database=target-database;multiSubnetFailover=True;

In my case it works with and without multiSubnetFailover=True;… not sure why.