Connection to Consul with Keycloak and jwt?

Hi there,

I would like to use Keycloak for the authentication of the users, and a token saved in the attributes of the users would allow the jwt connection to Consul and let me use the authorized services (acl inside of course).
My Nomad is running some jobs I want to be available for only some users depending on their permissions. These jobs are registered in Consul.
In Consul, I configured my services with certs, acl, rules, policies, etc.

I don’t have Consul Enterprise, and I can’t find a way to either configure keycloak or consul with a jwt connection.
In keycloak, I easily configured my realm, my users with attributes, my clients, … But what should I use for the client Consul as for: root url, home url, valid redirect uri, valid post logout redirect uri, web origins, etc.

Do you have some tips, ideas or parts of tutorials I could use for Keycloak and Consul?
I need some help please :face_exhaling:

Thank you for your help.