Consul 1.11.0-rc Released

The Consul team is excited to announce the availability of Consul 1.11.0-rc!

Since our beta3 release, there have been many improvements around the new Admin Partitions capability, specifically adding transparent proxy support within partitions. Check out the changelog for full details.

consul-k8s v0.38.0 has been released in conjunction with the 1.11.0-rc release.

consul 1.11.0-rc Binaries:

OSS: Consul v1.11.0-rc Binaries | HashiCorp Releases
Enterprise: Consul v1.11.0+ent-rc Binaries | HashiCorp Releases

consul 1.11.0-rc Changelog: Release v1.11.0-rc · hashicorp/consul · GitHub

consul-k8s 0.38.0 Binaries: consul-k8s v0.38.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases
consul-k8s 0.38.0 Changelog: Release v0.38.0 · hashicorp/consul-k8s · GitHub

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