Consul 1.14.0 and Consul K8s 1.0 released

We’re excited to announce General availability of Consul 1.14.0 and Consul K8s 1.0!

Consul 1.14 focuses on helping organizations simplify Consul deployment, improve resiliency, and enhance operational efficiency. Key features and improvements include:

  • Consul dataplane: A new simplified deployment model on Kubernetes. Consul on Kubernetes will deploy Consul dataplane as a sidecar container alongside your workload’s pods, removing the need to run Consul clients using a daemonset. The Consul dataplane component will primarily be responsible for discovering and watching the Consul servers available to the pod and managing the initial Envoy bootstrap configuration and execution of the process.
  • General availability of the cluster peering model for connecting multiple datacenters, first introduced as a beta feature in Consul 1.13
  • Service mesh traffic management across cluster peers
  • Service failover enhancement across cluster peers


Consul 1.14.0:

OSS Binary: Consul v1.14.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases
Enterprise Binary: Consul v1.14.0+ent Binaries | HashiCorp Releases
Upgrade specific guidance: Upgrading Specific Versions | Consul | HashiCorp Developer

consul-k8s 1.0.0

Binaries: Consul K8s v1.0.0 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases
Changelog: consul-k8s/ at main · hashicorp/consul-k8s · GitHub