Consul 1.8.0-rc1 Released

Hello all,

We are excited to announce the release candidate for Consul 1.8.0

This release candidate has several enhancements andbug fixes, highlights include:

  • acl: Remove deprecated acl_enforce_version_8 option [GH-7991]
  • ui: Add live updates/blocking queries to gateway listings [GH-7967]
  • ui: Add ability to sort services based on health [GH-7989]
  • ui: Add explanatory tooltip panels for gateway services [GH-8048]
  • ui: Reduce discovery-chain log errors [GH-8065]
  • cache: Fix goroutine leak in the agent cache. [GH-8092])]
  • connect: Enable mesh and terminating gateways to resolve hostnames to IPv4 addresses using system resolver [GH-7999]
  • connect: Expose gateway services end point in HTTP API [GH-8099]
  • connect: New endpoint to return healthy ingress gateway instances [GH-8081]
  • connect: Always require Host headers when serving L7 traffic through ingress gateways [GH-7990]
  • connect: Allow users to specify wildcard host for ingress when TLS is disabled [GH-8083]
  • connect: Added a new expose CLI command for ingress gateways [GH-8099]
  • connect: Internal refactoring to allow Connect proxy config to contain lists of structured configuration [GH-7963][GH-7964]
  • connect: Handle re-bootstrapping scenario for WAN federation over mesh gateways. [GH-7931]
  • server: don’t activate federation state replication or anti-entropy until all servers are running 1.8.0 [GH-8014]

Please see the complete changelog for details on the


The release binaries can be downloaded here:

A high-level description of what 1.8.0 contains is available on the 1.8 announcement blog post.

We encourage you to experiment with these new features, but recommend against using this build in a production environment. Depending on feedback and resolving outstanding issues, we may release further release candidates, and will publish a final, generally available 1.8 release when appropriate.

Thank you to our active community members who have been invaluable in adding new features, reporting bugs, and improving the documentation for Consul in this release!


Consul Team

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