Consul agent to communicate with EKS

I am trying to understand how the consul agent residing in EC2 machine communicates with the Consul server running in EKS. I would appreciate the acknowledgement.

Hi @hpmistry19 take a peek at this page of the Consul documentation. The page includes an architectural diagram that goes into detail of how Consul communication work between clients and servers.

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Thank you Karl, i understood the dig concept but if i expend the question is, my server is running in consul eks and i want to configure ec2 agent in such a way it finds the consul eks servers. Any relevant doc for configuring it?

I see, that gets a bit tricky as you would most likely need a NLB to allow traffic in/out the k8s cluster. So the EC2 instance, or any other compute resource for that matter would have to have a network path to the k8s cluster. The respective subnet routing tables would also have an entry that points to the k8s network. Iā€™m assuming the k8s cluster is operating in a different network CIDR compared to the VPC network CIDR.

Take a peek at this page of the docs. I goes it more detail, but the main challenge is allowing a L3 network path between the two environments.