Consul Auto Config Tutorial issue

After the last configuration step of the tutorial, the reader is asked to delete the consul-client container and restart it. The problem is that the following command - docker rm consul-client --force && docker-compose up --detach and more specifically docker-compose up --detach also restarts all the other containers, including the vault-server container where the reader just ran a bunch of commands. This obviously results in a new vault container that misses all the previously done configuration. To solve this issue, the docker-compose up --detach part should be replaced with docker-compose up --detach consul-client

Hi @Talmazor thanks for the feedback. Another option available is to use you --no-recreate

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Hello @Talmazor
The behavior you mentioned occurs if you use Docker Desktop’s built-in docker compose command rather than the docker-compose command. Your feedback is helpful for others in the same position, I will ensure the tutorial is updated to avoid these potential conflicts. Thank you!