Consul can't see new auth method

Hello i made a fresh install of consul (with ACLs enabled) on AWS EKS with the official helm chart.

Everything works fine, i am trying now to create a new auth method.

I did :

consul acl auth-method create -type aws-iam \
  -name iam-role-login \
    "BoundIAMPrincipalARNs": ["arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/MyRoleName"],
    "EnableIAMEntityDetails": true,
    "IAMEntityTags": ["consul-namespace"],
    "ServerIDHeaderValue": "",
    "MaxRetries": 3,
    "IAMEndpoint": "",
    "STSEndpoint": "",
    "AllowedSTSHeaderValues": ["X-Extra-Header"]

And after i did a binding rules :

consul acl binding-rule create -method 'iam-role-login' \
    -description 'Binding Rule for consul-consul-client' \
    -bind-type 'role' \
    -bind-name 'consul-consul-client-acl-role' \
    -selector 'entity_name=="myRoleName"'

After that when i try to Log In via the UI i don’t see the auth method that i crated i just the Log in with token method, do you know how to see the new auth method from the UI so i can use it ?

Thanks a lot !