Consul Cluster Deployment

Hi - Is it ok to call consul cluster directly without local agents ? Case in point is hitting ELB (https). Is this recommended approach from Harshicorp side ?

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You can hit Consul directly without the consul agent client. It all depends on your use case - many use Consul for DNS/service discovery to avoid having to manage an ELB.

We will be using consul as KV store for App Configs. Our Apps are spread across different platforms - K8s, PCF, VM and planning to build Consul cluster on each of these. There will be lots of microservices running ( ~1000) and so is it ok to have direct calls to Consul cluster or some different approach for each of these environments ?


The folks at Kong started with that approach (every node directly talking to Consul servers) and regretted and later changed that decision. You can watch their talk here to hear more about it

Some benefits of the agent are that it provides a cache layer for common requests, can automatically set up long-polls for highly requested items, etc. It also gives you a common point-of-entry for layering other consul benefits on


Chris - Thanks, informative !!