Consul Container as a client agent, persist the agent tokens across its life cycle?

I am starting a consul container as client on a docker host , joining a 3 node consul server cluster. We have enabled ACLs so I need to set-agent-token and other tokens on this client container. Is there a way to discretely pass these tokens with out having to run the commands with in the container. I am looking for ways to automate, so I don’t rely on getting into a container as the need arise to change or set these tokens. Also, this could complicate, when we upgrade the consul version, (I mean , the hassle of going through all the client agents, and get into containers and set the tokens again! - although its not a frequent practice)

Please suggest!

Just an idea: use the cli or api getting the token in a local file on the docker host. Mounting the directory with the file into the container. If I got you description right…