Consul Deploy Server Error

Hello everyone, sorry I’m new to consul hashicorp. when you want to do the installation and want to deploy the consul server. i got an error when doing “Generate all necessary files to configure and run the Consul server agent” with error message :
“Config validation failed: the ports.grpc listener no longer supports TLS. Use ports.grpc_tls instead. This message is appearing because GRPC is configured to use TLS, but ports.grpc_tls is not defined
Configuration invalid. exit.”
Here I also attach a picture of the error message.
I hope someone can help, thank you and warm regards

This error message is informing you that the content of the Consul configuration file is not appropriate for the version of Consul you are using it with.

You would have to either use an older version of Consul, or make appropriate changes to the configuration.

oke solved, now ho about this message error : "Config validation failed: Multiple private IPv4 addresses found. Please configur e one with ‘bind’ and/or ‘advertise’.
Configuration invalid. Exiting.

Do what the error message told you to do, then?