Consul docker with Ansible

Is there any way to run official hashicorp/consul docker image with ansible docker_container module? All i can do is run it in development mode, which is default. Seems it can’t pass arguments to docker, most important one being “-server”. I have tried with env variables like CONSUL_SERVER, CONSULE_SERVER_MODE, CONSUL_AGENT_MODE adn with command executed after but nothing seems to work.
Has anyone made it work?

Hi @algavran,

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You have to make sure that the command starts with agent as explained in here: Docker

Here is a sample playbook that I used to run a single node Consul using the docker_container module with host mode networking.

#file: consul.yaml

- hosts: localhost
  become: true
  connection: local
    - name: run docker consul
        name: consul
        image: hashicorp/consul
          - agent
          - -server
          - -bootstrap-expect=1
        network_mode: host

Here is a demo of this working: Ansible Consul using docker_container module -

I hope this helps!

Thank you @Ranjandas , it work with passing arguments with command